Martial Arts Training Weapons

We had our yearly weekend seminar for our training group in North Carolina. I brought some items made for the first time with X-Carve. 6106 aluminum and various hardwoods.

Also got some photos of two sword restorations that I did a couple of years ago. I’m going to start cutting the jewelers wax models and other parts for casting with X-Carve.


Dude, you totally read my mind! Custom tsubas!!! :sunglasses:

I made my own bokken from some ipe. It turned out really well, but it was a bit tricky at times trying to cut the mune on the router table with the grain direction constantly changing.

I’ve not tried one on cnc yet, but have made quite a few by hand for others.

I have cut one tsuba in wax with the X-Carve and did the smoothing by hand.

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That’s awesome! Looks great. I love the design. Very classic. Are you going to cast it in bronze?

Quick and dirty pics. Kanji is “Divine Wind”…

None of this was done with an XC, all regular power tools (e.g. Dremel for the kanji).

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