Mastercam HELP!

Hi, i am new to the forums here.
I started working for a company a few weeks ago that is currently using a xcarve machine.
I was not impressed with a lot of the free cam software, so we opted out to get mastercam x9 which i am familiar with.
Unfortunately when i try running my gcode post. no matter what i use to send it. the machine decides to skip past codes it doesnt like and is just making a disaster of the situation.
I am wondering if anyone here has or is using mastercam and how they got around the whole posting process so the machine will read all of the gcodes properly.

From the Mastercam website:

Mastercam also has an extensive library of available post processors available through your Mastercam Reseller. Your Reseller should be your first contact with all your post requests and support. They’ve received extensive training with the Mastercam product line, including post processor development.

already checked. there is nothing available for xcarve, also contacted inventables and they suggested that i ask on forums to see if anyone has created one.

Have you tried this:

Have you contacted your reseller? They will usually do post mods either free or real cheap.

Upload one of the Post Processors here.

Controller runs on Grbl not ‘X-Carve’ software. Might inquire into that.

MASTERCAM is a very high end cam program I am not sure that they support grbl you will probably have to get a custom post processor written to run a x-carve with that


Using MasterCAM with a new machine is more complicated than just having the correct Post Processor. There are other setup items you must do to add a new machine. Here is some material that may help you.

Mastercam X Building Posts.pdf (323.2 KB)

I want mastercam :frowning: anyone got a copy?

I am an experiecned machinist and a x carve owner…you cannot just use a 3 axis mill post on the x carve. with UGCS you just need the movements…none of the non mive ment codes. I uusw Gibbs so I am unsure what you have to do to just post the movement codes with MC…but you can just open up your program and go thru it line for line…just try with some simple cuts like a squar and circle…also look up the acceptable codes for grbl.