Material displays and sample showcase

We’ve been getting some questions from teachers and librarians who just bought a Carvey or X-Carve about how to best display or showcase materials and example techniques that can be made with the machine.

I realized at Inventables we have the unfair advantage of being able to walk up and down the aisles of the warehouse and we have example projects on shelves everywhere.

This is useful for inspiration, building on ideas, and brainstorming if different materials or techniques will work.

For this thread I would like people to showcase how they do it in their shop.

What’s your approach?

Do you have a bunch of materials sitting around? Collections of old projects or parts of projects for reference?

Please post pictures and even sketches or renderings for what you would like to see if we made something for this.

Here are some examples of approaches we’ve tried in the past:

Acrylic sample chip kit

Floor standing display

Modular floor standing display on wheels with computer

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Here are a couple I made to show materials.