Material request for Pine, Poplar and Particle board

Material request for Pine, Poplar and Particle Board.



I’d like to add Oak to that! We already have MDF, thankfully. :smile:

+1 for all four!

If you add hardwoods, then there is enough difference between them that you’ll need an option for each. I cut Walnut, Cherry, Maple (hard and soft), Poplar, Beech, Birch, Pecan, Several variations of Birch plywood (Baltic, lumber-core, etc.), Red Gum, Ash (northern hard and southern soft), and a little Teak, Purple-Heart, Bloodwood, Wenge, Rosewood, etc…

Redwood (old deck lumber) too.

+1 for this request.

At my local Lowe’s, all they have is oak, poplar and pine in sizes thin enough to make anything out of. Everything else is 1-by and that’s just too thick for many projects. But, Easel doesn’t have options for any of these woods.

I’d love to play with some of the exotic stuff Inventables has to offer, but until I’m confident in using the machine I’d like to stick to less expensive and more commonly available stock.


I think this is a great idea. Focus on the common stuff first.