Maverick 3x5 Pro

Hello! I am extremely new to the CNC world and could you some help. I created a project in the free version of Easel for a sign I’d like to make. The Makerspace that I am part of is fairly new and they are still trying to get a handle on the Maverick 3x5 Pro machine that they have. They use VCarve Pro Software, which is a Vectric software in the shop. I’ve tried to replicate the project I created in Easel in VCarve, but it has been difficult. I am wondering if it’s possible to use the gcode from Easel to go straight to Maverick. I realize that there are probably a bunch of machine settings I will need to update to match the shop, but at this point, it seems easier than using VCarve to replicate what I did in Easel. Below is the link to my project in Easel.

If you have the gcode, then you need to find out whether your cnc machine utilizes Grbl or not. Grbl will not accept all gcodes than say a more industrial machine that uses Mach3 or similar controllers. These days, software will have post processors which tailors the gcode for specific machines. Since Gcode is a text file, you can open it in a text editor like Notepad and delete certain codes. I do this with mine all the time for my X carve. I remove things that don’t apply to my particular machine, like fluid on, motor spindle on, spindle speed, etc.

I use a Fanuc post processor in Cambam and Meshcam because my other machine is driven by mach3. Here are the codes for Grbl.

GRBL G-Code Definitions - Carbide 3D

G-Code - ShapeOko

From looking at the website quickly, they don’t mention Grbl, so I’d suspect your code should work OK. You should try cutting " air" first so you don’t ruin good materials until it is proven. A gcode visualizer would be good to check it out with too.

Check your software to see if there is a Maverick post processor. If not, then Fanuc is a pretty good choice, as it is more generic.

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