Max cut depth and bit length

What is the max cut depth for the x carve as standard? and what 1/8 bit size would you need to cut this depth and where can you get one? are there any issues with deep cuts in wood?

I’ve had good luck w/ a Garr Tools extra long 1/8" endmill which has a 3" o.a.l. (overall length) and 1" cutting flute.

Listed here:
Purchase link:

Mentioned it a couple of times on the Shapeoko forum, and have used it for through cuts on 1" thick Ipé. On a really rigid machine w/ a perfectly squared spindle, one might be able to cut deeper, but I’d be concerned about rubbing on perpendicular cuts. 3D carving would likely be fine, so long as there aren’t any vertical surfaces significantly greater than 1".