Max feedrate for X-Carve Pro

I was doing some feedrate calculation and was just wondering what is the max feedrate for the X-Carve Pro. I know the max RPM is 24k, but I don’t remember seeing a limit for feedrate.

What kind of pitch do the screws give you? (travel per rotation)

I’m not sure on the pitch but I did find the limits in the grbl source of 7260 mm/min which resolves to 300 in/min. Just wanting to make sure that is true. I like to have the upper and lower limits when I’m looking at feeds and speeds calculations to make sure I’m within the capabilities of the machine. I know it was pretty important with my Carvey.

@JimLavin yep 300 in/min is the max feedrate!

Interesting - Easel is showing me 352in/min for the auto settings in pine. I didn’t verify it but I can tell you it cut fast enough to clog my dust collector.

You could set it to ten times that, and it’ll only ever reach the max set in the firmware.
Defaults are here:

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Thanks for the link. I wonder why the automatic settings in Easel would exceed what the machine will actually do?