Mayan/Aztec style calendars in easel

I’ve managed to find from various sources DXF files of the marvel, Star Wars and batman round calendar designs but can’t get the simulation to run just gets stuck. Should this size of project be avoided in easel and ran through vcarve or is there a better way?

I could never get the Marvel calendar to work in Easel. I finally bought Vcarve, but havent been able to try it out yet, as I tore my shop apart to build a new studio. Its finally finished and i am starting to move in.

Here is the way I got it to work in easel. I divided the project into 4 pieces did each piece with a 60 degree bit, then came back and cut it out with an 1/8" bit.


Is that using the tiling app?

No, duplicate the whole original project into say 2 or more parts, and remove one object/area from each part - “slice it up”

UGS can handle the 280k lines of gcode. If you can export the code out of Easel, use UGS to run the carve.

I got the star wars to run out of Easel, took 7 hrs of machine time, Not sure if it was luck of the day or my new laptop, but it ran. I spent a lot of time converting the file to fill all the areas to make it carve correctly, all the files I found on line cut it like key lines. So it didn’t have the effect. But I got it to work!


That looks awesome! The laptop I have is absolute garbage which is probably not helping. But I’m hoping as I’ve been a good boy this year Santa will bring me a new one :joy:.

I’ll have to try and play around with the file and see what I can do with it.

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Hi Jason,

How many hours does it take to but it?

Thank you!

took 7hrs, I haven’t ran it in a long time, be patient if you run it takes forever to write the tool paths

This is awesome, can I ask how you accomplished this?