Mayfly in easel

Is this image too complicated to do in Easel ?Mayfly

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Not if you are doing v-engraving.


I’m on my phone but from the looks of it that image is pretty low resolution. Not ideal to start with.


You can use Image Trace app to clean it up on import.

…I take that back. You might want to find a a larger/higher resolution version.
You can use “Tools” on Google’s Image search to specify size, color and filetype.

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I found one and converted it to .svg using



do you have the source image that you found for the trace?

can you post that?

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I think it was the second or third image in the Google search link. I had better luck using the convert to svg first, then importing it into Easel.

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yeah was looking threw google and I could not find it what did you search for?

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Ya. the link didn’t work like I had expected it to. Had to pull up my history:

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alright thanks freaking amazing that I have a 700.00 software and it can’t trace a image as good as that free online converter lol

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Use Inkscape and simplify to clean up the image. Looks rough in that 3D preview.

I just did that with another file of mine. Came out fairly well.

my trick is: get the biggest possible pixel image. Then blow it up in photoshop to 10000x10000 px. then have illustrator autotrace it.

The blowing up part makes controlling the output of the trace much more manageable. Try it.

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Surprisingly good result. I used Vcarving with 2mm flat depth.

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thanks I never thought about blowing it up I always figured that would distort the image even more

Thats what a forum is for :wink:

Interesting we haven’t heard from @KristianAng yet…