MDF Miniature Terrain

A friend of mine recent got some Hirstart castlemolds to cast blocks to make some miniature terrain for a game he is running. Unfortunately, due to the size of the game table he was looking at a weeks of casting time to make enough dungeon floor tiles to cover the board.
So I decide to see if I could carve up something.
I made up some cobbles stone and brick patterns and v carved them in 1/4" MDF. after a bit of tweaking I am really happy with how they turned out.

A 12" tile takes about 90 min to carve. (the cut path is not well optimized)

The 8" tiles take about 40 min to carve.

At my friends request I modified the edges to follow the couture of the individual stones.

I also tried making up a few dungeon tiles. I will be doing more of these.

A quick and satisfying project and it will save my friend a tone of time and effort.
(we did the math it takes 5 hours to cast enough bricks for each 8" floor tile)


At the risk of being scolded :smile: are the files something you’d be willing to share? My 1 year old was looking for something similar and I hadn’t had time yet to mock something up…

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Looks great! I’ve been thinking of doing something similar for a long time.

While the HA molds are their own sort of fun, this should help you cover ground more quickly. It should add some good durability to the ground level, and keep weight down too.

Those are pretty great looking! Nice job on the paint work.

I have 3d model files that would work out great for that.
Also I can create stuff like that in PS and transfer it to 3d or just use it directly with my other tools I use for svg.
Thanks for sharing.

Any thoughts on what other materials would be good for this? I’m not a big fan of MDF, personally. But it’s affordable.

What would be affordable, machinable… and not mdf?

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I use styrene sheet


all of this is relevant to my interests. would love any shareable files to to the same!

great work and thanks for sharing - the craftmanship and detail is awesome

The scolding needs to stop. Share or don’t share, but asking is not a problem. Don’t let those responses get you down. In general, the maker community is all about sharing information, tips, and often the work itself.

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OH MY GOD - That Wrath of Kings is Phenomenal - You made that with styrene? Very talented on design and execution…

Yes, I did some stuff for Cool Mini Or Not a few months ago.