Measurement tool / Tape measure tool

I am wondering if anyone has figured out a good measurement tool or way to measure point A to point B? I have searched and read the topics that were created 3-5 years ago. But it seems as nothing still has been implemented into Easel. I think it would make some things easier to reference instead of only being able to do the X and Y axis. Using the Line Tool feature to create things with measurements so you know you have to same gaps and thickness with the piece you are creating. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Not yet…

Best way I’ve found is to carefully select among the 5 points of reference for the X/Y and math it up manually. :frowning: Slow, but it works.

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I agree, this needs to be a feature if people are going to use this to create original works. I am struggling to make a design and cannot get it accurate without a measuring device. Maybe using a different program to create the image is what i will do.

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