Measuring between 2 points

Hey Guys, me again :slight_smile:

I have looked back and see where I am not the only one missing a “measuring tool” in Easel. Is there an easy way in Easel to measure the distance between two points? I will share my fiel so you might get what I need.

These are some wine bottle top thingies that hold a wine glass on either side. It took me forever to get the “Inlets” for the glass holder symmetrical. Now that it is in place and much smaller than the piece I was using to make it, I am not sure that it is wide enough (in the narrowest part) to let the wind glass through.

Other than zooming in so that the 1" squares are exactly 1" and the measuring the distance with a ruler, is there any way to measure it?

Thanks in advance, Drew

Hey Drew,
As you know, that’s a missing feature in Easel. You could download the SVG, open it in a vector editing program like Inkscape, and use the measuring tool there.
Alternatively, I’d suggest this is the time to try Fusion 360. A design like that would be pretty trivial. You could even bring the shape back into Easel to add text or something and generate toolpaths if you don’t want to get into the CAM side of Fusion.

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I use the pen tool, draw a line then you can drag the end points to use it as a ruler. Or type in the length you want it.


Another cheat is to create a circle of the diameter you want and drag it over your design for checking size.
Don’t leave the circle in your design or it will be carved as well.


I always use the coordinates and type exactly where I want it.


Those are great ideas! Will have to give those a go tonight :slight_smile:

Niel, fusion 360 is on my list.

Good thinking Batman