Mechanical hand designed with easel

I had to spend a few hours sitting in a car this week so i did some drafting by hand of my hand and then put it into easel. Im fairly happy with it. Im thinking about adding parts for a arm but I’m worried it’ll turn into a full blown wood skeleton before i know it.


And because I have the maturity of a 10 year old.


Very cool!

I’m 12, and would still do that… Lol

Awesome! Would you be willing to share the Easel project or make this into a project page? I would love to re-make one.

I definitely will. Just working out some kinks and cleaning up the easel file.

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Let me know if this works. I would love to see someone carve it out of metal.

PS the project section is a pain in the ■■■. It cuts off the best part of my pictures and i have multiple copies that i made private that would be great if i could delete them.

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