Meeseeks Box

My costume this year will be Rick from “Rick and Morty” - I already have the lab coat :wink:

So I though a “Meeseeks Box” would be a nice accessory:
Here is what it looks like:

I decided to do a 2 layer carve in 1/4" MDF.
The base box with dovetails and a decorative layer on top.

I did it all with a 1/8" downcut bit

The basic box dry fit with tape

There is a button! I must push it

The final project:

It lights up

This was a pretty quick carve. I was lucky and all my math worked out. Especially with having the decorative layer edges overlapping.
I think later I will revisit this project. I would like to use a v bit to miter cut the edges of the decorative panels so that they have a nice clean edge.
I also want to redesign the bottom so it can be easily opened to wire up speakers so the button says things from the show when pushed. Right now the bottom diamond is removable, held in place with screws, which works fine for changing the button’s batteries, but it is a very small access and a bigger panel would be ideal.


That is awesome! Turned out great!

where you get the button from lol?

Amazon it looked teal in the picture but it was green, screen accurate would be blue. :wink:

I designed the box around the button, using it’s dimensions as a reference to size everything else.

very cool,

wubba lubba dub dub

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This is awesome! Is there a chance you could share this file?