Member locations

Hopefully more people add their locations to the map!

OK Bill. I’m on the map, but it looks like I’m all alone in the middle of the Pacific. Boo Hoo…

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I think it would be worthwhile to include the folks on the shapeoko forums, as well. A good percentage of those folks got their S2 kits from Inventables.

What does anyone else think?

  • Alex

You are not all along, many people dying to have vacation there. Only question is, as far as I know, one side of that islands melting with lava, other side is melting people with bright sun light. I hope you’re on middle which soaking wet. :slight_smile:

Live in Kona on the west side of the Big Island. No lava, no pouring rain, just sun, beaches and bikini’s. Just a terrible place to live. You wouldn’t like it! :sunglasses:

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Yeah, yeah…it’s a tough life but someone’s gotta do it!!! :smiling_imp:


:smiling_imp: :imp:

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Back to the top. Just trying to keep this post alive. Check the 3rd post from the top for the link to the map.

Hey fellow X-Carve owners, I just added my pin to the list but I am sure there are more than 94 owners on this forum. What do you say we fill the map with pins of everyones location?

@Zach_Kaplan: How about a link in a permanent location on the forum page so people can find it?

just added mine lol didnt know this was here

I Bill I get a share button but no add layer button. What am I doing wrong?

Finally got around to adding myself. :wink:

I think you have to be logged into Google, then you see an Edit button. When you click Edit, there will be a menu bar at the top with a balloon shaped icon. Click in and mark your location.

Added myself in Cleveland, Ohio area.

Looks to be about 30+ adds in the last couple months…not too shabby. Let’s keep it going!

First pin in Louisiana!