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Meshcam to easel/xcarve

I have a 15 day trial on meshcam, (MC)It has an area that says select you machine. I have the 750 xcarve, (XC) which one should I choose? And why when I transfer from MC to XC it only shows the MC project and I don’t have the normal double screen in XC

Easels left pane is for designing a project and assigning depths for toolpaths. When a gcode is imported there is no design to edit, so naturally the left panel is removed because it serves no function. Instead you can only send the gcode and simulate the toolpaths

Select the x carve post processor so you get X carve ( GRBL) Gcode. Assuming your design in meshcam is within the limits of your Xcarve, then the code will reflect that. When I use Meshcam, I always set my work to the geometry of the object I want to carve. I’ve used Meshcam for years and it really is pretty user friendly.