Metal wall art help

Hi there…

Have a question… i want to do wall art with composite aluminum

like the photo i need your help about settings… what settings you prefer and also bit? Which bit should i use?
I tried my 1/8 bit but it destroyed the leafs so what you prefer? What should i do?

Use glue and tape to hold it down. I’d use a single flute endmill.

already has tape on it actually… any help with settings?

Are you gluing it down, so the endmill doesn’t pull up the material?

That is very machine dependent…I don’t have an X-Carve. ACM cuts like plastic (it is mostly plastic), so you want to feed fast to avoid melting. Are you using a Makita or a Dewalt or something else? Feed will also depend on the endmill you’re using.

Without knowing what you did for the first attempt, I’d guess you need better workholding and you need to feed faster.

i have dewalt

it doesnt pull up… maybe dewalt setting is wrong i’m using on 1 i believe i have to increase that and my feed rate was 1200
and my bit was 1/8 fishtail spiral

You’re looking at a chipload of about 0.001", assuming your endmill is two flutes (I’d still recommend a single flute spiral endmill). That’s on the low end for a material like this, but probably ok. What’s the depth of cut (DOC)? I’d go faster and shallower.

Yes it does. The material is thin and flexible. How big is your stock and how are you holding it down?

so my settings were 1200mm feed 300mm plunge and 0.3mm depth

maybe you are right with middle part of the sheet… i’ll try to glue that part

so about settings how does it look? and dewalt set to 2

With a 1/8" endmill, I would feed double that, but I don’t have an X-carve and I know my machine.
I’d also use a single O-flute.

Yes i will change the bit… how other setting looks?

The most important factor is sheet hold-down, use masking tape and CA glue as hold-down over a large part of the sheet underside. (Tape on spoil board and tape on sheet, use CA glue to bond together prior to the carve.

Feed rate seem fine at speed setting 1. What total thickness are you carving? 1/16" or 1/8"?