Metal wall art project help

Hey everybody… i need your suggestion and help for the project i want to do… can you please check my project? does it seem good?

i’m thinking to do with 1/8 solid carbide fishtail spiral upcut bit or 1/8 single flute end mill

which one i should choose? or any suggestion?

thanks in advance

What metal will you be cutting? If you are cutting thin metal like aluminum or brass, I would recommend a down spiral. The problem with an up spiral is that it works like a screw and will pull the metal upward toward the router. I would also be careful how you fixture the metal down. A few clamps around the edge will probably not secure this down. I would recommend covering the waste board in tape and the back side of your metal with tape and then gluing the two together before cutting.


3 mm composite aluminum… it already has tape on it (aluminum)
Will secure as much as i can

And what do you think about settings?

Btw thanks for your help… i’m the new guy around here lol