Metallica "Flying M" Guitar made on X-Carve Pro

I was reading this article about James Hetfield making a custom table and auctioning it for charity. At the time I didn’t know that he was dabbling in woodworking and I didn’t know that Metallica had their own charity. A few more internet searches and I found All Within My Hands. I searched around and found that one of the areas they support is workforce education and specifically they were excited about helping trade school students learn CNC.

I emailed the All Within My Hands team and asked if they would be interested in working with Inventables. That was 2 years ago. We’ve got a few things in the works but the first one was a collaboration we did with @ChrisMonck to design a guitar we call the Flying M.

The band has been supportive and each member signed the front of it.

Chris also made a slick case that it comes with.

Chris made the whole thing using Easel Pro and X-Carve Pro. He’s going to be releasing some videos about how he did it.

This video gives a bit more of the backstory.

We’re using a donation platform called Fandiem and you can enter to win the guitar for as little as $10.

Everyone in the Inventables community has an incredible amount of creativity and you use Inventables tools to unleash that into the world with exciting projects. Thanks for all your support. This was an exciting one for me since I’ve been a fan of the band since I was a kid.


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