Metallica guitar giveaway

So I got an email for the metallica guitar giveaway, at first I was a bit suspicious cause they want u to send a text to a site called Fandium I think its called its a charity that metallica has to help people with school or employment and such ? Anyway I was going to go through with it when i noticed its for U.S. of A only ??? whats up with that? that really sucks cause im sure they would have gotten a lot of donations from us Canadians. Rude mutha🤬

I should also mention that Inventables has teamed up with Metallica and thats why im mentioning this here.

I also noticed that, too. Imagine the number of xcarve users and Metallica fans around the world that have been locked out of this promotion and the missed opportunity for massive donations ! Whoever’s decision this was needs to rethink it.
I bought this up on Inventables instagram page, but no response.

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