Metric Bit issue

I have a .8mm bit and in my design it says it can’t carve the font completely. But when I use a V bit with the same width it says it can carve the font completely. The font I used is from the easel program.

Why is this?

V bits come to a point. You can carve as narrow as the tip. The depth will be adjusted based on the width of the carve.

@NeilFerreri1 Thank you!! Just wish the time to carve with the 20 degree V bit didn’t take 123 hours!! lol

By any chance do you know why easel doesn’t let you carve shallower than 2.3 mm? I have been trying to carve at a depth of .6 or .5 or .3mm but it always carves the same depth around 2.3mm

Any idea why?

No, but perhaps share the project so we can see your settings?
File-Share-Share Public-copy URL, click Save and paste URL here.