Mezzaluna Board

I’ve been tasked to create a Mezzaluna Board (see attached picture), its basically uses a rounded over blade to cut vegetables and spices. It seems like its more of a contoured shape coming down to a fixed distance so the blade can rock back and forth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.üsthof-7281-WÃ%C2%BCsthof-Mezzaluna-Board/dp/B0000VM2G4

Not sure what file format you are looking for, but here is a STL with the same dimensions 7.7x7.7x.75.

Mezzaluna Board.STL (63.3 KB)

You should be able to design that real quick using Easel Super Gradient app, combined with a ball nose bit :slight_smile:

what’s the best way to import that into easel?

Easel can’t import the STL file. You can fake it, as mentioned, with the Super Gradient App in Easel.

You could also do this with Fusion 360 and the free hobbiest license, but that has a steeper learning curve.

MeshCAM can import STl and is easy to use (I’ve been told as I dont use MeshCAM myself)
It has a free 15day trial period.

Personally I use Fusion360 but as mentioned, there is a learning curve involved.