Microcarve linear slide

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I reached out to microcarve on ebay to see when they were going to list additional linear slides. He responded and said they were likely not going to continue manufacturing them going forward.

His response:

New message from: microcarve
Hi Jeremy,

We’re working on other projects here, so there won’t likely be
many more of these available in the future. They’re too costly
and time intensive to produce.

Sadly it’s just not practical or profitable to continue with them
for much longer.

Thanks Jeremy,

He just posted a couple units of which I bought one.
If you’re wanting one of theirs, you’ll want to act quickly when you see them as they are likely to not be available in the future.

Thanks for info,pulled the trigger and bought one!


Just got a message from microcarve. They have 4 more of these that will be posted in the next day or so, two of each size. Just keep an eye on ebay if you’re interested.

The two they have look to use brass bushings. :neutral_face:

I just ordered one of the 5.75" models from them since they are limited.

No plans to immediately switch over but if they won’t be available, might as well grab it while I can. I like to have options :slight_smile:

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