Milling 1" thick material

So, I want to mill out a hole at one end of a 1" thick piece of Al. You need to clamp the piece into the corner “smart clamp” so Carvey can tell the height of the material, but the clamps that come with carvey don’t allow such a thick piece of material to be clamped :frowning:

Anyone know where we can get longer threaded screws for the “smart clamp” ? The Carvey site does say the vertical travel is 2.75", so we ought to be able to mill 1"-thick material… Unless I’m missing something obvious, of course…




So I have a question are you able to fit the bit in the spindle above the material in that machine?

Sure, that’s not a problem. There’s about 1.25" of clearance between the bottom of the placed bit, and the material (a piece of 80/20 in this case).


So, using the micrometer to measure the thickness of the screws used for the clamps, they seem to be M5. Can someone at Inventables confirm ? I can’t find the spec of the screws online anywhere…

If so, I can just try and find some thumbscrews which extend for further than the red ones that come with Carvey.


so I am not sure about how the auto height corner works in the carvey as i have a x-carve but I think one work around would be to tell esael that you have a x-carve and home the machine manually by using the toggle buttons and that should work just fine but i am sure someone will give you more carvey specific advice

It’s an M5 screw, so just find a longer M5 screw. Alternatively, you don’t really need screws – you just need the clamp to be there for the homing so a little tape should work too :slight_smile:

That’s good point :slight_smile: Of course I came back here and read that after finally finding a 60mm M5 hex bolt / Shear Loc socket-head-cap combination… Still, they’ll come in useful I’m sure…

Yes. They are M5x0.8 screws. I’ll let the product team know about this issue, maybe we can get some longer screws (with knob) in the store.

@SamyKamkar I do not recommend you hold the smart clamp to the work piece via tape. You will probably get very inaccurate depths and will ruin work pieces if you are using multiple bits (like using detail carving in Easel or sending multiple gcode files for each work piece).

I talked with the product team, and the solution (longer screws) is already in the works!

Thanks Eric, can we get some kind of notification when the longer bolts/smart clamps are ready?
Today I was all happy trying a cut on 42mm high density foam and realized that the supplied clamps are not going to do the work. Very frustrating as now I need to go get some M5x.80 like 75mm long to be able to use the Carvey for that work.
When I buy a tool and it says it can cut up to 2.75 inches I do assume that they will supply the proper clamps to do it.
Please if you can put us in a distribution list when you got these or if you want to send me free ones I am really in need for that.

Thanks, still love the Carvey but little things like that are really frustrating.


I’m curious as to whether these longer screws are now included. I’ve just ordered a Carvey to be delivered to the UK and the projects I have lined up need usage of that 2.75 inches of height. Any update?