Milling bandsawn veneers

Just wanted to mention an experiment I did this weekend. I love the concept of building wood projects with thick veneers cut on a bandsaw. The only problem is that ideal tool for removing bandsaw marks from them is a drum sander. I thought I might try glueing the smooth (jointed) side of a veneer to a substrate (plywood in this case) and then mill the saw marks off with the x carve. It works like a charm, even with figured wood like this scrap of quilted bubinga. I’m using a CMT 2-flute downcut bit and running a dewalt 611 at 24k rpm. I’m taking off about .5 mm at a time, with a finish pass at .1 mm. The feed rate is about 1000 mm/min, climb cutting only. Toolpaths generated with Fusion360.


That is interesting and useful to know.
As a matter of interest, how did you get the tool path to work in one direction ?

I have just “flattened " a slice from a 16” diameter silver birch to take out the chain saw marks.

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I used Autodesk Fusion360 to generate tool paths. There is an option to only mill in one direction, and also to do a finish pass with different parameters. I watched a bunch of youtube videos to learn how to do it.

I decided to make a screen capture video showing how I generated the tool paths in Fusion 360. I am just scratching the surface with this program, but I’ve got a newbie workflow going.