Milling metal - looking for example projects

Hi -

I am getting reacquainted with my Carvey after being busy for a few months, and am wondering if anyone has a good case study of milling aluminum with it - any good walkthroughs?

-Dave Merrill

Seems like yesterday but… I guess it was two years ago! Tthis is what got me started on my journey. @EricDobroveanu was an inspiration :

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Not done on the Carvey, rather a Shapeoko, but you might find the locking register calipers I did a while back of interest:

For bonus points, set up the fixture so that it will hold your selected hardware for modification.

Source file is at:

That is very cool.

Those came out nice! The tumbling step in deburring media really makes a difference, softening all the hard edges.

When I ultimately went into production, I sent pieces, hundreds at a time to a professional polisher for tumbling. Then they REALLY came out nice. Check this out:



Never had to touch them. Well - I heat colored the titanium after tumbling. It was $175 for each run. But at 100 or more pieces at a time, that’s better than sanding!