Milling rubber?

Hi. I hand cut large rubber stamps for wallpaper fabrication (24" x 24") and am looking into an X-Carve machine to do the job. Does anyone have any experience using the X-Carve or other CNC machine to carve silicone sheet rubber? The linoleum available on, under the stamp making materials section, is too stiff.
Thanks for whatever info you can provide.

I think it would work better to machine a mold in machinable wax and then pour liquid silicon into that. There are some good articles online that cover the process.

There is another post on making stamps I think they are using vinyl or something. Seems to work pretty well. Should be perfect for what you want

Best for that is a laser engraver

We have feeds and speeds for rubber on the Shapeoko wiki:

From the forum posts:

Was interested in trying rubber for stamp making. Used a 1/8 Upcut and placed the rubber piece in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Turned out okay, but want to test other types of rubber and bit speeds to fine tuner.

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@BlaineBryson, curious how your testing went with this. I’m looking to do something similar, more of a ‘make your own gasket’ type of project with rubber cut-outs versus facial carving. Would love to hear how your testing went.