Milwaukee 5615-21 Compact Router

So did some research and it seems the Milwaukee 5615-21 Compact router is the most powerful on the market at 1.75 hp and 11 amps. Has anyone tried it? Ordered mine with the standard spindle to start with and have a Makita I use for everyday routing (Well not really everyday :slight_smile: But you know what I mean). So I was curious if and when I upgrade what I would upgrade to. I’m looking to cut alot of aluminum parts so power is definitely a priority. Thoughts?

this router seems nice. It just does not have any speed control, you may look to the 5616-21 which has one. It should be very usefull for carving different material types. You also have to look at its weight and care that it won’t be too heavy.

I only can tell you what problem I have with Dewalt 611. This router have push button for colette release, it is very small, in very bad spot for mounting bracket. There is a small pin inside, I broke it and ordered two incase breaks again. My finger hurts pushing that every time changing bit. I wish to have two wrench style like stock spindle. Also forcing V wheels when you tide or loose colette. Sometime loosing 0 home position. Other than that it is work horse. Cuts easy, never see heat on it. No mercy. You make decision. If Milwaukee have push button, I’d rather keep using Dewalt.