Minimum laptop required for Easel?

So I will soon be moving to a house with a detached garage (awesome). But I need to figure out my plan for the X-Carve. Right now I use a PC that is not in the garage, cabling a monitor and keyboard/mouse through the wall. That won’t work for this new distance (around 50 ft). I don’t want to have this PC in the detached garage, so I was thinking about getting a small laptop for the garage (once I figure out getting internet to it.

Is this laptop sufficient? I was using an older laptop last year and it was awful, but it was around 10 years old. Hopefully this one would be better?

HP 14-an013nr 14-Inch Notebook (AMD E2-7110 QC, 4GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC Hard Drive, Windows 10 Home 64)

What software do you want to run and what do you want to do. I am running a 10 year old machine and it it fine, I an running v carve pro and windows 10. paint, paint pro, easel, InkScape. hmmmm should be fine.

Probably just Easel, Inkscape. If I can manage Photoshop or other Adobe great, but I can do that on the PC if needed. I don’t as of yet have any higher end carving software.

I’ve been using on of these.
It’s got pretty underwhelming specs. Runs Easel and UGS. I would think the laptop you looking should be fine. I run Illustrator and other design software on a different PC.

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Running a plain white Macbook (2009 vintage) with 2GHz intel-CPU, 8GB RAM / plain HDD.
No issues.