Minimum size for 1000 X Carve

Hi, I’m about to recieve my X Carve kit amid I was wondering what is the minimum size needed for a table to support it. I have very limited garage space and would like to build the smallest size table needed to support it. It will have to go into a corner so what would be the clearances required?

I believe mine is 47" wide and 44" deep. This allows a couple of inches of room around it.

A fully assembled 1000mm X-Carve takes up a 40" x 44" footprint. I made my workstation 4 foot square to give myself some wiggle room just like Stuart said.


Thanks for your replies. I will take your advice on board when I design the supporting table.

Sweet setup!
Do you have any plans or video explaining how you built the workstation?


I do have the SketchUp I did for the basic design of the workstation but nothing detailed like full plans. I didn’t do a build video on it but could do a walk around and overview video if there was interest.


It’s a great design and execution. I’d be interested in finding out more about it.

Can you share the SketchUp and or do a video or post with a overview on the construction?

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