Mirrored shadow box with a twist

So this project looked pretty interesting- June 8th posting https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=The%20Wood%20Hombre%20-%20Richard%20Najar.

I am not smart enough to actually link to the particular post, but it is titled “Mirrored shadow box with a twist”. I am curious if others have tried to create a similar box? Is it just a two way mirror that provides the see through aspect when lit up from behind? Very good project on Richard Najar’s part.


hey man I was not expecting that lol when you turned on the light that is fantastic!!! what material are you using as the mirror?

that is awesome I might have to build one of those for sure

oh wait did you create this or did someone else? lol

I didn’t create it but am certainly interested in giving it a try. It looks great and hopefully I can build something similar. I am guessing he used a two way mirror sheet but was curious if anyone had experience with this material?

yeah I don’t have any experience with it but I do now that there is mirror acrylic out there and that would be super simple project to build

heck even if you had to have a special piece of glass cut simply build a box and insert glass


here is a website that sells the product and they have a video showing the function of the material

Oh wow that is expensive

768.00 per 4x8 sheet ouch :grimacing:

Ouch. With the specs, there must be a cheaper way.

•Sometimes called see-through, surveillance, transparent or one-way mirror.
•1/8" or 3/16" Mirror-Grade Acrylic coated on one side with Aluminum Oxide
•Looks like a normal mirror from the well lit “lighted” side and see-thru tinted window from the side with little or no light.
•See-through mirror has a light transmission range of 5 to 20%.
•The reflectance of see-through mirror is 60 to 75% see-through.
•Many uses such as showroom surveillance from a darkened office, hidden cameras, hiding a flat screen TV, Infinity Light Boxes.
•Not for use with high humidity or contact with water

might contact your local regal plastics they might have it cheaper

or get a regular piece of acrylic and then tint it with film and then use an extremely bright light on the back side that would probably have the same affect in a semi dark lit room

I went ahead and ordered some of the pieces from that company. We will see what the results are when they come in next week.

oh did you?

did you get a sample piece?

yeah let me know

I made a few “magic mirrors” using glass with a mirrored film (like car window tint).
example of what you can find on Amazon.

A magic mirror is a 2-way glass with a screen or tablet behind it to display info. So much like what your trying to do, the light from a screen or a light will shine though the mirror.

I actually have the wood to make that.
plenty of Mahogany wood

DougHill- did you apply the film to acrylic or glass when you did the project?

Yes just like car window tint

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