Misaligned pockets

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m creating a simple box cutting out the pockets in the top and bottom. However, the pockets aren’t aligned when you put the box together. They are off 1/8th inch or more. How do you setup X Carve so they are an exact match?

need some more information… but making some assumptions.

  1. you are carving a top with a positive and the bottom with a negative that needs to fit or align
  • be sure to make the appropriate offset for the top or bottom in order for the parts to fit
  1. you are carving the top and bottom of a part (double sided cut) and need to be sure everything lines up.
  • make a jig and zero to the jig. this way no rezero required when flipping the part.

Hope this helps.


Would you happen to have a picture of the problem in question I would love to take a look


Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t very clear in my explanation. For argument sake, let’s say you have 2 pieces of material 3/4 X 2 X 8 inches. I want to cut 2 identical pockets 1/2 inch deep in each board leaving a 1/4 inch edge around the perimeter of each piece of material. Each time I secure another board the pocket is slightly misaligned. Maybe my method for zeroing the bit is not correct. How would you go about making a jig to ensure accuracy? Thanks.

well here is a video on how to zero your machine that I made you might want to check it out

oooooo okay yeah please check out my video and let me know if you have any questions also consider making a brace like this

you can screw or bolt that jig down to the spoil board and then initially set you zero and as long as you dont change your zero/home position each and every material that you butt up in that jib will be in exactly the same position

Thanks for the videos and picture. I think the jig is what I need.

your welcome yeah i hope the video was not to long winded I just wanted to make sure I was covering everything

and yeah really simple to make out of a scrap piece of wood and attach to the x-carve