Misbehaving CARVEY

it is me again.

Sunday I was using CARVEY at OpenWorks in Baltimore.
For some reason CARVEY went bananas and carved into the Smart Clamp.
How is that possible; aren’t the X & Y stops mecanical/electrical rather then software?
Luckily I was watching and stopped the machine before it did real damage.

OpenWorks has 2 machines and both are now out of order; the first one has been caput
for several weeks. Why???


I wouldn’t know about this.

As for hitting the smart clamp, bad toolpaths can cause that. Did you use Easel or import the gcode? Can you share the design or gcode? The clamp within the working limits of the Carvey. Regardless, the switches are not hard limits, they are homing switches.
If it wasn’t a toolpath issue, most likely a hardware (skipped steps) issue.

Bears01-c.nc (124.4 KB)

Yes I used EASEL to create the g-code. Could loss of signal(WiFi) create this problem? Thanks for your interest.


Can you share the Easel project? Are you selecting Carvey as the machine? The gcode you shared is not typical Easel-Carvey Gcode. Did you import the gcode?
The first move in your code is a move to Z 0.15", the Carvey clamp is at .5" above the stock. Gcode generated for the Carvey should start with a G28 to get above the button, then a probe command to set zero, then a Z retract, and finally a move to X20Y20(mm) to clear the “smart” clamp.


Hi @HaroldGinsberg - if you haven’t already, please reach out to our Customer Success team: https://inventables.desk.com/

the g-code was generated by importing .svg into EASEL, using MACHINE, Advanced, Generate G-code, Export gcode, with the machine set to X-Carve. If I set the machine to CARVEY, the g-code generated cannot be imported into EASEL. Here is the .svg file:



Bears01-bBears01-c.nc (142.2 KB)

I just generated the g-code using CARVEY as the machine.
When I try to import this g-code into EASEL I get an error code at Line 3,
invalid g-code G28.
That is why I routinely use X-Carve as my machine designation.


I think it should still work. I thought the Carvey added the necessary commands. I’d contact support.
That said, why are you exporting the gcode from Easel and importing it to Easel?

To see what the cutting path looks like; i.e. simulate the routing procedure?

You can see the toolpath in the preview window.

If I reload the generated g-code, I can see exactly what the tool does!!!

You don’t have to load exported gcode. Easel shows the same toolpath in the preview pane. If you share the Easel design (not the exported gcode) I can show you.


It is not foolproof; that is why I Import the G-code I just generated!
Try the following:
Step 1 : import Bears01-b.svg
Step 2 : set machine to CARVEY
Step 3: generate the G-code
Step 4: export G-code
Step 5: Edit Select All Cut
Step 6: import G-code just generated
Step 7: error Message — Line 6 G28 invalid


Actually, I think that’s the goal.

If you’re not editing the gcode once you export, I can’t think of a reason to do what you’re doing. But, if you insist, check my post here: