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Missed steps on guitar body

this is my second guitar body looked ok until the final cutout of the body any suggestions on how to fix? Or what happened?

You may want to try the UGS. I use version 1.09 I think it is. I have individual files for each rout and one for the perimeter cut. I know that GRBL can handle larger files, but it seems safer to me to run many shorter ones. Also, I’ve noticed when my laptop wifi is on, that updates screw things up. I’ve ruined some work that way. Check to make sure you don’t get chips under the belt too. I run it with a wet/dry vacuum in hand and constantly suck up the belt area.

Looks like your X-stepper stalled or slipped, causing Y-direction only carve.
May be due to mechanical issues (binding or slipping) or insufficient carve power (stepper motor weak or insufficient power) or cutter forces exceeded what the steppers should take.