Missing bits between roughing and finishing passes on Carvey

I intend to carve a STL file on a 18mm thick beech wood panel on the Carvey. I have set up two bits (down cut 1/8" & ball nose 1/16" from a French provider).
Everything goes fine until the finishing pass: the ball nose 1/16" just doesn’t appear during the 6-step checklist : only stock Inventables and roughing bits appear. Any idea why?

I have the same problem. I selected the 1/8" ballnose bit (from Inventables) at the main Easel “Finishing bit” screen but going through the machine setup stages for Carvey that bit is not in the drop-down list. I went ahead and carved anyway assuming the bit selection in the main Easel window will take precedence. I’ll update this post in 19 minutes when my carve is done!

A little more than 19 minutes later but the carve worked.