Missing Hardware for The SideBoard Kit

Purchased X Carve 1000mm (Black Friday) and have found it to be missing hardware.Kinda bummed about this, I hope I haven’t made a mistake in my purchase…
Has anyone else experienced missing hardware and if so what screws,nuts etc were you missing?

I bet if you contact Inventables, they would send you what you need. What’s missing? Insertion nuts and bolts can be purchased online. I have purchased extras of nuts,bolts, and washers just because I figured I’d drop one in an inaccessible place… My sideboard just sits on my machine these days. I never mounted it after I redesigned my work surface with t slot and basswood planks.

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I had the same problem. I had left over I think we’re the m5x10 &12 but had a ton of washers & stacked 2 or 3 to make the screws work. Hope that helps


I also had some other parts extra but I think is because the directions weren’t quite updated. I also had to go back & switch out some of the upgrades as I had both original & upgrades cause November kits/ black Friday kits were the first ones with everything included but directions were not fully updated.


Contact the help desk, they will send parts right away.