Missing lines in text?

Anyone knows why this happen
When cutting text some in the lines is missing
It´s not happen when I use a thicker bit
for this design I used 0.5 mm bit


I’m fairly certain that it’s because the linework of the text is smaller than your bit.

When Easel calculates your cutter path it takes into consideration the size of your bit. It’ll leave out areas that are too small for the bit to cut.

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I’ve had the same trouble in the past… I ended up using a V-bit instead of a straight bit so that I’d get the full detail of the text. I’ll show examples in a sec.

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This is using a V-bit on the outlines.


I just opened your project. Definitely the bit size. A couple of options… a. you can cut it with a smaller bit (but the bit you have is already pretty small, b. cut it with a V-bit (like I mentioned before), c. make your text larger so that your 0.55mm bit can cut it

For reference, here’s your file with the 0.55mm bit:

Then here’s your file with a 0.1mm (just for reference purposes I changed your bit size):

You can see in the cutter path preview that the cutter path for the 0.55mm bit doesn’t complete the full text cut where the cutter path for the 0.1mm bit does. You can also see that it would take about 10 hours to cut the text with the 0.1mm bit! :joy:

Hope that info helps get you to the next level.

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Thank´s Jason

It solved my problem
Next time I will try a v-pieceHave a great weekend