Missing Outline and Fill Buttons on SVG import

Hey guys,
I don’t use Easel a lot, and I’m running into something that I haven’t seen before. On an imported SVG, created from a dxf generated in Fusion 360, I am not getting the “Outline” and “Fill” buttons. I want to cut on the outside, but it looks like it will cut on path.

Link to Easel project.

Thanks for the help.

P.S. I have reasons for not generating my toolpaths directly in Fusion.

I can only guess without seeing the file that there is a bad path. Check for a broken or overlapping segment .

every node is not connected. I would take the original file and select all nodes and connect them. this would keep that shape but allow the fill and outline to work. When I open your file I can click on edit then select a node and move it, then I see that there is another node behind it from the next segment showing that every segment is its own and not connected.