Missing projects on easel?

Hi Guys

I can’t access my projects that were over 2 months old. Then when I delete projects I get projects back.
The other day it randomly decided to let me go back further and then it cut out again?!
Anyone know how I can access my older files?

Thank You

Hi @Kasia,

The project list slide-out is broken apart into pages. At the bottom, there should be a “Next” link that will show the next page of projects.

If you aren’t seeing the “Next” link, could you post a screenshot of what the project list looks like? Thanks!

I wasn’t getting a next link on the last page and couldn’t go next or back.
However I have now learnt on the page that does this I can click my F11 button and I can see the next.
So all sorted.

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Thanks @Kasia! The project list isn’t supposed to be so tall—we’ll look into why the dates are wrapping onto 2 lines and pushing the next/previous links off the bottom.

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On this topic, is there a way to add a hover popup or a “title” that displays for project names that are truncated? Makes it hard to find the right file if they can’t be fully read.