Missing Screws/Fasteners During Assembly

To start, the shipping was SUPER fast. Ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday. We didn’t jump right into the assembly because we were still making room for the process and the machines new home. Tuesday evening, we got busy putting it together. Wednesday AM, I got an email stating that an item from my order had been shipped. Based on what I can tell (and that isn’t much) it is a screw thats coming.

Anyway, tonight (Thursday) we got back to work on it and started noticing that while the first portions of the SKU’s or part numbers matched our steps, the numbers after the dashes, did not. We’re also having a heck of a time finding other screws that are listed, but no where in the packaging.

Naturally, I will give them a call – but I was wondering if this is typical or this is totally random? I am trying really hard not to get frustrated, but I really feel like something that comes with a 16+ hour assembly expectation should have far fewer missing or mislabeled pieces than we’re coming across.

I’d love to hear others experiences.

While this occurs at times, I would not really state that it is super-common from Inventables. When I first purchased my original machine in 2015, I did not have any missing parts and everything was labeled perfectly. I would venture to say that the overall consensus would be a positive one with respect to part management, but obviously, I can not speak for everyone.

Making a detailed list of any missing parts from your order and conveying that to the Inventables Customer Success team should net you an appropriate response. When I have seen this occur on occasion, Inventables normally expedites the missing parts that way customers are delayed a minimal amount of time.

Here is the contact page for Inventables if you need it…

Hopefully, your issue with missing parts will be resolved quickly.


Brandon Parker

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Thanks, Brandon. Apparently, I only needed to post about it to initiate a sequence of better luck LOL

So far, we’ve been able to purchase the few things we needed locally. Unfortunately, I am in a time crunch and need it up and running by Monday for a project I’m working on. We’ve got a bit more to assemble today then we should be finished.

Thank you again!


Im a brand new customer as well. I’ve found out the hard way, that the packaging leaves a little bit to be desired. One would assume that all the parts for a specific build would all be in the same box. I’ve found out that is not always the case. Many times, there are typos on the size of the bolt or the type of nut needed to complete the assembly. The closer I get to completion the more I understand their method. . As I’m nearing the end of my build I’m understanding how to find what I need to complete the build. It’s a little frustrating but so far the Help desk has been quick to manage my questions. Good luck.

Thanks George! We got it up and running on Saturday and so far, the machine has acted as expected and the result has been on target with the expected result. I’ve got a LOT of learning to do, but overall, I feel like I “get it” much better than I do/did with my laser, which I am still beating my head on the desk over.