Misumi Table Upgrade

Finally got the extrusions for my table upgrade, took about a month. I went back and forth between this and Phil’s 1/4" aluminum and t-slots. I was surprised at how heavy it is. This is gonna be so much better than the stock table!


Looks like we have the same idea. I decided to attach my table differently. I did not want to muck around with drilling through the extrusion. I modeled the extrusion pattern, and 3D printed some braces. I designed some extrusion connectors and attached on the bottom of the frame to the extrusion center braces.

Here are the 3D files for those interested:
center_angle_bracket.stl (1.3 MB)
HFSQN4-15250_Joiner_Plate4.stl (1.8 MB)


Very nice! Where did you get it ?

Go to Misumi and order the following part number in the quantity that you want (I ordered 4).


I sized them to a length of 998mm to match what Inventables offers in the 1000mm X-Carve kit.


the idea is very good but it has to reinforce the axis and I already have my cnc with that base ase 3 years but the axis Y had problems when carving and solutions with aluminum angles

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Awesome! I use a V-slot table and I’ve found these to be VERY handy in setup.

Assuming your Y axis is parallel to the slots, just put two of those in one of the slots and slide your work up against them and secure. They fit VERY snugly in mine.

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Like Phil said going to use 1/2" or 3/4" MDF.

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Those look really cool, wish I had a printer!

I ordered mine a little oversized, I was worried they wouldn’t be cut square or accurate. They were right on the money and the factory cut was perfect.

Love the table upgrade. Gives me some new ideas.

BobJ (R.I.P)
I heard he tried to push the lava back with a sheet of corrugated iron to save his CNC


Amazing table,i like new upgrade.
Very neat than my table,very quality one!
Agree,its 100% way better then the stock tables.

Here is where I got mine from. It’s on sale for $199 right now and the quality is really good.

Yep, not cheap but, the cost was worth it to me to have a rigid table that’ll make it easier for me to clamp stock down.