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Model is off the table in Easel (Fusion360/Easel)

When I export my model from Fusion 360 to Easel my model is off the table and trying to carve out of the model area. Any thing I’m missing? I am fine in Fusion. Simulation runs fine.

Share a screenshot of your F360 Setup and Easel design window.
How do you set work zero for your machine? (Workflow)

Sound slike your F360 CAM files have work zero centered, which will in Easel show centered around XY0 and only 1/4 of the design showing. (Upper right quadrant)

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I had that problem. In Fusion the Z point may look different once it imports to Easel. You probably are centered on the model in Easel. If you run off your program once you’ve began carving that could be your cuts are too deep or too fast or both. These were problems easily fixed once I understood what was going on. Good luck and enjoy.

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@WayneADean I’m sure you’ve been a great help to the original poster on this thread. I bet he appreciates it.

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