Model slots / resizing

Good evening fellow makers, had a question hoping someone has an idea on for a way to do better.

I bought a puzzle design from cncmakers, and the projects come in various sizes (1/8", 1/4", 1/2" etc). I’d like to size it up but keep the slot parts the previous size, for example using the 1/2" build for piece size but at a 1/4" slot (have a lot of 1/4" MDF stock to play with).

Is there a way to resize all of the channel/slot fittings down while keeping the rest the larger size in Easel/Easel Pro? I’m not sure how to really measure the distances in easel very well except by flipping it to MM view and trying to count/line up the pieces with the grid lines.

Wasn’t going to go too big with the sizes as the weight definitely becomes an issue but figured making a huge dragon prop for my 1 y/o son would be a fun project. Appreciate any wisdom from the pro’s :slight_smile:

Edit: Alternatively thinking about it, resizing all the pieces by selecting all / locking x,y and doing it that way but not including channels (if thats possible)?

I am struggling to visualize what this puzzle design is. I understand this is a pattern that you bought and paid for, so you can’t rightly share the project with us. However, can you share a similar concept (or a portion of the project) so we can see what the problem you’re trying to solve is? Or maybe link to the CNCMakers’ item so we can see the original design.

As long as the outline object is one object, slot and all you can not alter size without affecting the slot width too.

So you need to rescale as needed, then alter the slots manually.

What you ask for is available with parametric modelling, but this is not something Easel/Pro provide.

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I would do the following:

  1. Enlarge the whole design to the required size.
  2. Create a long rectangle with the width of your stock.
  3. Place one of these rectangles in the center of each slot lining up with the end and overlapping the edge of the design.
  4. Fill in the old slots
  5. subtract the new slots

Hope this makes sense. I have no experience with Easel but believe it can be done by setting heights of each vector appropriately and combining.

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Thanks Stuart, I will give that a try. Never thought about creating a rectangle and combining open/closed slots.

Much appreciated!

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