Modified Hold-Down Blocks

I modified hold down blocks with dowel marking pins to hold work piece to waste board. Pins are loose fit and can be removed to use as regular blocks. Heads of bolts are recessed to stay out of the way of dust boot. Material is held in place by permanent “L” shaped block and new hold down blocks. Keeps work piece from moving around or up and down. No double stick tape or additional hold down clamps.


Nice idea…

I think I’ve seen people use sandpaper for that, too.

I have used friction deck tape (available at any marine supply store and Lowes). It is available in various widths and offers very good holding power.

Thanks, happy with it so far. This forum is great for getting ideas.

I hadn’t thought of that, but will give that a try too, thanks.

It does seem to hold down very well. I use a lot of double sided tape and this saves some of that.

I have gotten mine at my local wood working store, but I am sure EBay and Amazon have more sources. I do a lot of business with both.

Brilliant work.
Love the dowel marking pins you used for holding.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks, I get so many good ideas and help on this site. It’s just nice on those rare occasions when I have one to share.

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you know I just though of something.
With some cheap aluminum you can make those pins. (Dowel rod centers)
just get a 3d model file and vola!

You are correct. I am still new to this and not cutting aluminum yet, but will get there.