Modified Passive Amplifier for your iPhone

I bought an Ipad air 2 a few weeks ago to go along with the Iphone i already had. Decided i needed a single docking station for the two. Figured why not see if i can use the “Make a Passive Amplifier for your iPhone” by Warren Downes and modify it so that i can fit the lighting cables in it and amplify the sound from both my iphone as well as my ipad. Seems to work pretty well. Of course owning a custom furniture company using reclaimed barn wood i had to use a piece of reclaimed Pine.


Great job!! Love the way the lumber looks!! I’m very interested in trying a project like this using different timbers. It would be interesting to compare how the different woods affect the resonance…I wonder how much difference it would actually make. ie: hardwoods compared to softwoods?

That reclaimed Pine looks awesome. Where did you get it? Was it inexpensive?

I was thinking the same thing while it was cutting…wonder how oak or walnut would work and if it is worth the extra time to mill at a slower rate…also wonder what a different number of rings will do to the sound

Depends on your definition of cheap…I own a custom furniture company called the rusted nail, I specialize in reclaimed wood and I go and tear down old barns so I have a shop full of reclaimed lumber taken from the North Georgia area. I sale the lumber at a reasonable rate though.

Hi there,

It would be great to try tone woods, like Maple…basically any woods that are used to make instruments would work really well!!..would love to see one made in walnut though…it would look amazing!!!

The vertical pieces in pallets (pallet joists? Don’t know what to call them), are really nice, usually aged and hard as nails (depending on the pallet). They are thicker than dimensional lumber as well. I’m kind of “in to pallets.”