Modifying x-carve for 2.2KW water cooled spindle

I am very new to the CNC world, and basically just run the shop for my boss, who built our current x-carve. We are using the Dewalt DWP611 with good success, but we want to upgrade to the much heavier spindle. I have searched the forums and found people discussing the possibility of upgrading/ modifying the x-carve, but I can’t find any posts where someone actually did it. I’m hoping for some direction (or possibly detailed plans) on how I could do this. Any help for a newbie is greatly appreciated.


Weight of a 2.2kW spindle will be more weight than the stock Xcarve is comfortable with. The Xcarve is also not rigid enough to benefit from the horsepower.

An 800W spindle is lighter and more suited. Try a “VFD spindle” search here on this forum for some suggestions / routes to consider :slight_smile: