Monogram Wood Cutouts am loving my x-carve for my business. It is a game changer for me, with that said I am stilling learning everyday and looking for some advice.

I am cutting out wood monogram letters and I am looking for bits that might be more efficient for what I am cutting?

Also, in my pic you see the little bits that pop out, I hover over and hold down the bits from popping out until after cutting I know there has to be
a quick fix for this?

Also where do you suggest making or finding fonts for a router? I have been using a vinyl cutter and vinyl stenciling for years so I am familiar with creating designs
for that format but it’s been a learning curve to cut out on wood.

Thanks and any tips would be appreciated.

to finding fonts for i recommend to used

Great, thanks.

The picture doesn’t work. But I have a question. Are you using a downcut bit?


What is your depth of cut and feed rate?

so… It’s half inch cut and feed rate? I’ll have to check I am such a newby I have only used the preset feed rate.

Based on what I see and read here, I’ll make the following recommendation, which hopefully someone with vastly more experience than I have can verify. First, MDF cuts fuzzy. Second, your depth of cut should be a fraction of your final cut depth. In other words make multiple shallow passes rather than one deep cutting pass.Your router should be set to the lowest speed (1 or 2) and your speed should be about 50 inches per minute, if I remember correctly.

yep, MDF is fuzzy, best results I’ve seen are with downcut spiral bits.

Definitely do multiple shallow passes. DOC around .08 iirc

1.5 is what I use on the 611

40 IPM is what I typically use

results typically don’t need any sanding to remove fuzzies when using downcut

[quote=“SueWhite, post:1, topic:24542”]
the little bits that pop out[/quote]

I recommend a down cut bit. The down cut but pushes into the cut rather than lifting away. It is best for plywood and MDF as it gives a cleaner cut. You can pick up a 1/4" router bit at the hardware store.
It is my “go to” but when working with MDF.

I recommend picking up a 1/8" version for working with the more fancy shapes, thought they are ticker to find. Here is one I got for working with thinner plywood (less than 1/2" think)

Is there any way to set the tabs? I use the tabs but they are not where they need to be with cutouts. Thanks

That’s great to know. Thanks again!

Awesome! I’m headed to hardware store!