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More Apps in Progress

So this is a continuation of this thread: Working on New Apps

Here are the new apps I’m currently working on:

And here is a description for each app:

  1. Sine Waves - Create radial (or linear) sine waves based on a specific size, depth, amplitude, and frequency.

  2. V-Carve Inlay - Create the plug shapes required to create a v-carve inlay.

  3. Join Paths - Be able to merge multiple open paths together and form a longer open path or a closed shape.

  4. Equal Spacing - When multiple shapes are selected (3 or more) you can specify the spacing between the centers of each shape in either a horizontal or vertical direction

  5. Path Warp - Given a selected shape, you can warp the shape with a specified warp type and warp parameters

  6. Poly Art Generator - Given an image, generate poly art triangles or points.

These apps are still in development, but I hope to have them done soon.

Any other ideas people have that they would like to see?


Excited about this one. Great for crib boards, etc.


How do u update easel to get all the new apps

It will update automatically once inventables approve the apps. They do take their time to make sure the apps work correctly before they approve them, so it may take a little while.

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I’m excited to see these deployed. Thanks for all your hard work.

the Vcarve inlay is exciting, for sure. You are doing yeoman’s work. so very grateful.

Hey Everyone,

Warp Path was just released today, so give it a shot and let me know if you have any feedback.



Hello, I am trying to make a wavy line (like a snake), and thought I could use the sine wave generator to do that. Can’t seem to make anything besides a circle. Any tips or other apps to do that? Thanks

Great future apps…just some thoughts.
Actual size measurements shown while drawing on the easel screen would be nice.

Any update on the v-carve inlay app? That would be so tremendously useful to me. I just don’t like the rounded corners you are stuck with when using non v-carve inlays.

I would like to be able to ad custom fonts to Easel. Thanks for the great additions you are working on.

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I 2nd this :+1:

I also second this. I have a lot of free for commercial use fonts as well as ones I paid for. Would really like to just add them to my library.