More Clocks

Couldn’t find my last post of clocks so here are the latest projects:


Thanks, Phil.

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very nice man are you laser engraving some of these I used to make clocks to

Thanks! No, they are all Vcarved and/or 3D cut with Ballnose endmills.Those clocks look nice!!

Nice! Where are you buying your parts for the clocks? I’d like to make my mom and mother in law each one for Christmas.

These came from Hobby Lobby…About $17 for 4 pack. You can get them cheaper online I’m sure.

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Wow, those are really spectacular.

China is the place or

What type of materials do you use in the picture
I did some with walnut and cherry

Yeah, if these sell I will definitely order some. I didn’t want to wait around for shipping on these.


Another clock for a co-worker. Bull terrier lover…


Hey all. I’ve had a hard time designing clock ticks so I built a little tool to generate clock tick SVG files for importing into software like Easel. I made it available here:

Here is a video of me using it to design a clock in Easel.


That’s pretty clever. I’m sure a lot of users will find that very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to develop something that everyone can use.

Pretty cool generator. Saves a lot of time. Thank you for sharing this!!!