More efficient cut order

I make many tall signs. 72"-96".

The current cut-path when exported to G-Code is from left to right on the X axis. This wastes quite a bit of time on my machine going on a rapid from Y0 to Y72 and back again as it cuts different vectors on the sign.

It would be very helpful to have the option of picking a more efficient path of jumping from vector to vector. For example, the option to select cutting each vector closest to Y0 and moving to greater numbers, or to have easel calculate the path that would have the least amount of rapid movements.

Thanks for considering!


I’m with you on this. It seems as though it could be set up to carve “an area” and then move on to the next area…instead of going back and forth from one end to the other.
Having said that, I am a NEW user and absolutely love all that this machine does.

Absolutely! We’ve just started carving with our pro. One of the big reasons we purchased it was to do larger format but with the smaller footprint in our shop. We are still working out the kinks of tiling. But much of our work is on a 4 x 8 sheet or a trim board. Easel could definitely use an option in cut path efficiency!